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Pop Up Pot Starter Pack - Jackie Anderson


Introducing Sow ‘n Sow X Jackie Anderson Pop Up Pots. Featuring hand painted acrylic artwork by Jackie Anderson, these origami style pots are certified 100% carbon neutral and made from 100% recycled waste. Enjoy this complete range accompanied with a custom designed Pop Up Pot Display Stand. With 3 sizes in this collection, the pots are available individually as well as in a pack of 3. This pack includes 6 of each individual pot and 6 x the pack of three. (RRP for each item varies see our individual product listings). The 3 designs; Yonder, Bloom and Clouds feature hand painted artworks by Newcastle artist Jackie Anderson. Pop Up Pots are a foldable, origami inspired plant pots ready for direct planting. Assembly is simple with a quick pop and a push. The pots are completely waterproof but do allow water to drain through the base for plants to flourish. *Please note, this pack is designed for quick ordering and includes 24 items which resale at varying RRP*


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